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In 2016 I decided to make several changes in my life. To eat healthier, to be more creative and have a more meaningful career. After a lot of experimenting and product testing on family and friends, V Is For Veggies was born in Plymouth.


100% Vegan, with heaps of veggies packed in to keep you healthy and satisfied.

I take inspiration from my travels through Central America, Southern Africa, California and the Mediterranean. The ultimate goal is to provide vibrant and fresh flavours by infusing all of these cuisines and ideas whilst minimising the impact on our environment.


So whether you're vegan, avoiding dairy or you're an inquisitive little monkey, I hope to feed you delicious treats and share the love!​

Peace & Plants,


Lynsey x

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Lynsey was incredible from start to finish. The food, sweet and savoury, exceeded our expectations and we would definitely use v is for veggies again.


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"V is for Veggies is a proud company of one. Lynsey started small and plans to stay that way, believing that small is a longterm business plan not just a stepping stone. Growth for her business has been redifined as being better not bigger. Customers are the priority of the business and come second only to the products themselves"

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